Steve has come a long way in the nightlife scene. He has been a former stripper, bartender, and glass collector. Together with his colleague and fellow townsman Gizmo, they appeared in the most memorable outfits behind the decks at the legendary Rave The City parties. This soon brought them to club Parkzicht in Rotterdam, which is nowadays seen as sacred ground for early rave and hardcore fans. Steve has since become an internationally respected DJ as The Darkraver and he demolishes the tent at major events such as Sensation, Masters of Hardcore, Reverze, Defqon1 and more.

The Darkraver is known for not taking life too seriously and making every performance an unforgettable experience. Besides his signature spinning style in which he shows tight mixing techniques and entertains the crowd in the craziest ways, he has also produced some fundamental new skool songs such as ‘Intelligent Hardcore’ and ‘Thunderground’. With the jump hit ‘Komt ‘Ie Dan Hè’ he quickly reached number 1 in the charts in 2005. In addition to being a recognized DJ and producer, he was now also an international pop star. Moreover, you may know The Darkraver as one of the organizers of the famous ‘Pussy Lounge’ events where sexy and crazy are combined.

Steve’s positive attitude and healthy dose of humor go perfectly with his years of experience, fantastic mixing techniques and impeccable record selection. This secret formula of entertainment balanced with expertise has made him one of the most booked artists of all time. As a result, he has built up a huge loyal fan base that continues to grow every day.

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The Darkraver

He is one of the most mystical, legendary, and entertaining artists we know today. Stefan André Sweet, also known as The Darkraver and formerly The Dominator, has been at the top of the hardcore, house and jump scene since the early 1990s. Raised in Curaçao, he is one of the most important global representatives of the Hague hardcore scene from his hometown of The Hague, the Netherlands. With his track record he deserves a statue in this city behind the dunes.