Through her vlogs we got a glimpse into her private life, from which we learned that Dorentina prefers to be with her family. When she finishes a song, her family is allowed to hear it first. In 2022, the family expanded when she and Kosso had their son. “I have always dreamed of this moment. My little world is complete.

Besides Beauty and The Beast, Dorentina is also the example of Beauty and The Brains. She always dreamed of becoming a teacher and despite her success, she still got her bachelor’s degree to have it at hand. In addition, she has her own sunglasses brand Dori Eyewear, where everything immediately sold out upon launch. Everything she touches seems to turn to gold.

We can expect Dorentina to have many more big breakthroughs. Musically, she has parted ways with Kosso and is realizing her dream of conquering the German music industry. We understand her loyal Team Dori fan base all too well.

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Do not underestimate her, because with her beautiful face, Dorentina hits harder than many artists. Since 2019 we see her behind the microphone with her husband Kosso, but the proud Albanian is now working on her way as a solo artist with which she will take over Germany and the Netherlands.