In 2017 Caza premiered with his first club hits ‘Oh Na Na’ ft. Keizer & Dopebwoy and ‘Even Dansen’ with DJ DYLVN. A taste of what it feels like to be in the Dutch charts because the following year he collaborated with Famke Louise on the song ‘Slide’ with which he became known to the public. A few months later he dropped the club classic ‘Positie’ with Bizzey, produced by Ginton.

Caza’s passion for music is his main motivation. During his performances, you can see him completely in his element when he lights up the entire room with his positive presence. Yet he is also busy behind the scenes, writing for other award-winning artists such as Boef, Yade Lauren, Tabitha, Rolf Sanchez, and Numidia.

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From talent shows to the Dutch hitlist. In 2010 Caza still wished that he would be signed and able to perform a lot. “But I would like it best if I make classics. Tracks that linger, that you will still be playing in 10 years.” Ucahzo ‘Caza’ Hoogdorp has now made his dream a reality with 5 gold records, 3 platinum records and lots of major club hits.