Church choir and his grandfather’s insights into music composition ignited an insatiable passion, and on his 8th birthday, he received a piano from his grandmother. Over the years, his creative vision grew; as a teenager, he discovered the world of music production with computers and electronic instruments, and that’s where the real work began.

After studying ‘Music & Professional Audio’ at the Albeda College in Rotterdam, he could finally professionalize his passion.

Little did Albert know when he boarded a plane to Los Angeles at the beginning of his career in what was waiting for him. His arrival in the States was just the beginning of an extraordinary journey in music production.

Today, Albert is a multifaceted producer, composer, songwriter, and DJ; with a remarkable track record, he’s a highly coveted figure in the music industry who has worked alongside artists like David Guetta, Avicii, J Balvin, G Eazy, Madison Beer, Stargate, Carl Falk, DannyBoyStyles, and many more best selling artists and producers.

In 2009 Albert started the duo GLOWINTHEDARK with Kevin Ramos; their album Lituatie in collaboration with SFB, ranked high in the Dutch charts and stuck around for a total of 91 weeks. Songs like ‘Dansen Op Labanta, Ain’t A Party, and Jump with David Guetta, still reach half a million monthly Spotify listeners.

When you know how much work goes into creating a three-minute song, you look at its 1 billion streams very differently.

The way Albert Harvey can positively influence any creative process is exuberant. His enthusiasm, musical expertise, and people skills are unprecedented. Harvey knows how to build trust with artists, creating a safe space for the evolution of creative ideas; it’s no wonder he’s welcomed worldwide at many electronic dance festivals, like ULTRA festival, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, and clubs like Ushuaia.

A little-known fact about Albert is that after 12 years of traveling the globe as a DJ, tasting all the world’s cuisines, the studio isn’t the only place he creates masterpieces. He’s been developing his culinary skills, fusing food, travel, and culture—he’s a master chef in the making too.

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Albert Harvey, also known as the Dutch-Surinamese Albert Maurits Seto Budhai, has music coursing through his veins. He grew up on the west coast of The Netherlands in a coastal city called The Hague, known internationally as the city of peace and justice.