At the age of 14, Kosso started jokingly rapping with friends and training with his father who had been bodybuilding for 20 years. He didn’t know what to expect at the time. His music caught on, and at the age of 16 we saw him at the nostalgic ParraTV “Hou Je Bek” session. A preparation for the real thing: his first “101Barz” session with Rambo generated a million views within weeks.

In the musical field, he is involved locally with the Limburg Cyphers, with which he offers space for new talent on YouTube. And he himself does not do everything alone. Throughout 2019 to 2021, he released a lot of music with Dorentina, leading to two albums together. The album ‘Beauty and the Beast’ reached number 7 in the Dutch Charts Top 100. In addition, their “101Barz” Winter session in 2020 was the most viewed session that year. Their musical paths have now separated, but they are one of the most memorable, if not the most successful couple in the Dutch hip-hop scene.

As mentioned earlier, we have yet to discover what Kosso does not excel at. And best of all, he is only too happy to include his loved ones and community in his success. We can all learn something from Albert.

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As a true centipede, there is little Albert ‘Kosso’ Dervishaj cannot do. Rap, bodybuilding, or business. And he excels in every subject. Since 2013 we can already see him on “101Barz” and in total his sessions have more than 14 million views. He achieved his first gold record with his own wife Dorentina. Kosso is the perfect example of how you can build your own empire through your passions.