Nobu, also known as Maxim Hendriksen, has been involved in music since he was 11 years old. In less than a year, with his high yet hoarse voice, he has developed a fusion between hip-hop and pop that reached the Dutch top 50.

In his first year as an artist, he performed at festivals such as Kingsworld, Bevrijdingsdag Enschede, 7th Sunday, Freshtival and The Hague Outdoor Festival. Topics he touches on in his music range from bygone feelings, drowned love and newfound trust. With songs about a broken heart to taking on the role of a sweetheart yourself. There is a Nobu song for every situation.

In 2022, Nobu was able to tour throughout the Netherlands as a support act for Kraantje Pappie and we see him as a playlist cover at Spotify list ‘Je Moerstaal’. What else does Nobu have in store for us?

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The talented Nobu from Bergen op Zoom has brought his characteristic sound to the Netherlands completely independently during the pandemic. It is described as ‘Bittersweet emorap after the American example’. In 2021, he released no less than two EPs, ‘Controle’ and ‘Internet Love’, which account for more than 20 million streams. Producer Ramiks called him the greatest talent he knows, and Complex NL proclaimed him Artist To Watch. Who is this new school artist?