What started as good friends in the nostalgic former Hollywood club (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) grew into a true brotherhood. Juri (Diaz) and Sebastiaan (Bruno) have been indispensable for years now. With Diaz behind the 1’s and 2’s and Bruno as MC, they know how to make the biggest venues dance with their eclectic sets. Because they are not bound to one sound, they can throw a party everywhere with their diversity. You can regularly spot them on the lineups in the most prestigious clubs and festivals in the Netherlands, such as Latin Village and TIKTAK.

The dynamic duo now also has their own label DB INFINITY with Sony Music. In this way they want to help other creatives and artists to step outside the rules just like them and not to think in boxes. In their head office you will also find their sports club, health bar, studios, and nutrition lab. Their ventures are true manifestations of their passions and hunger to not sit still.

With over 1000 shows, gold and platinum awards, over 20 million Spotify streams and sold-out events, it’s clear these guys have what it takes to become one of the biggest duos in Dutch eclectic history.

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They call themselves the entrepreneurs with a passion for music. Yet their achievements in the music world are much more than a passion. Since 2016, Diaz & Bruno can be found behind the decks in the biggest clubs and festivals in Europe. With their empire of companies, worldwide ‘Girls Goin’ Wild’ parties and their own mixtapes with more than 800 thousand streams, they have made the Netherlands reinvent the concept of going out.