It rarely happens that a Belgian artist can arouse the attention of the major players in the Dutch music industry several times. With more than a million streams in three days, it is currently number 1 in the Dutch top 50 and number 5 in Belgium. You can call him a centipede, nothing is too crazy for him: producing, singing, engineering – he does it all. For Jihno 9, his future looks very bright.

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“Waarom doe jij altijd zo interessant”? – ‘Interessant’ (ft. Bizzey, KATNUF & Jeriel Thunder), one of the hit singles that Jinho 9 is known for. The Belgian rapper, also known as Kevin Shomba, incorporates his Congolese and Jamaican roots into his music in a unique way. Jinho 9 has recently released a handful of tracks incorporating these influences and has managed to attract the attention of the Dutch scene.