Jordan started making music at the age of 5. Having a renowned drummer in the family, he received lessons from his uncle. In his teenage years, Jordan also attended ROC College in Amsterdam – Zuid, pursuing a degree in ‘music producer.’

In 2014, he made a name for himself in the music industry with productions for artists like Yes-R, Jayh, and F1rstman. In 2016, he released his debut single ‘Selecta’ on the Avalon label,
and from that point on, things took off. In 2017, he released his first EP, titled ‘Nieuw Goud,’accumulating 30 million streams.

With the single ‘Cartier,’ Dopebwoy broke into the Dutch hip-hop scene. This track spent more than 12 weeks in the Top 10 list of the Dutch charts and set a Spotify record by becoming the most-streamed Dutch-language track worldwide.

In 2018, Dopebwoy released more new tracks. He was featured on Yung Felix’s hit, ‘Loco,’ which went platinum multiple times, and also on the track ‘My Money’ by $hirak, which went platinum once, along with Bizzey and Bokoesam.

In 2019, he released his album ‘Forever Lit.’ With collaborations from artists like Boef, MHD, Yxng Bane, and Frenna, the album has been in the Dutch Charts’ top 10 for over 15 weeks. Tracks like ‘Walou Crisis’ and ‘Guap’ both achieved platinum status. Additionally, his career is growing internationally. In France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, his name has become indispensable. His latest projects ‘Hoogseizoen’ and ‘TURBULENTIE’ have together amassed over 300 million streams on Spotify. But he is far from done. Keep an eye out and hold on tight, turbulence is on the way.

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A young producer/vocalist from Almere with a goal: to write musical history. He grew up with musical influences at home. His father was a DJ and taught him a lot in the musical field. Jordan Jacott, better known as Dopebwoy, didn’t know what awaited him when he embarked on this journey. When he started recording vocals on his own produced beats, he could develop his own ideas and truly let his artistic influences come to fruition.