“I know that I am the best when it comes to Dutch Dancehall.”

In recent years we have heard various sounds with which Bokoesam always brings sunshine to the gray Netherlands. The album ‘Nachtvlinder’ was rewarded with a gold record and laid the foundation for his Dutch-language dancehall style that we hear on ‘Go Go Club Vol. 1’ and ‘Doe Het Nou Gewoon’. Inspired by the dancehall and reggae coming from his father’s stereo, Sam even had his own dancehall dance group at the age of fifteen. He smiles and confesses, “My dance name was Samsonite.” And with Bokoeyoncé he turns every room upside down while he experiments with hip-hop. “In the studio I have to dare to be stupid.”

Don’t let Samuel’s candid and relaxed attitude fool you. Over the years he has worked hard to conquer his position

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Samuel ‘Bokoesam’ Sekyere is arguably the most versatile and creative hip-hop artist in Dutch history. He imagines himself in trap, reggae and dancehall. He won the ‘Pop Award’ in 2015 with the New Wave classic album. And if you want to go all the way back in time, you might remember the viral ‘Boter Kaas en Eieren’ or the iconic ‘Young Belegen’. Samuel was already an icon in the scene when Dutch hip-hop was still in its infancy.