Music has been a constant presence in Tabitha’s life since childhood. Her determination to make her voice heard was ignited when she landed a role in a music video as a young girl. Pursuing music education, she ventured to London at the age of twenty-one and later moved to Los Angeles to further develop her musical skills. Upon returning to the Netherlands, she released two EPs and achieved two solo hits, “Het Spijt Me Niet” and “Ai.”

Her musical evolution is not the only aspect that has developed. As one of the first artists, she chose to release her music independently. “Het Spijt Me Niet” was released on her own label, marking the beginning of the next phase in her musical career. The HSMN club tour, where vulnerability, hits, and her powerful performance style converged, was a sold-out success.

Tabitha is on a winning streak, with sold-out shows and unprecedented streaming numbers. This success made her the most streamed Dutch female singer on Spotify in 2019. In 2020, she was invited to participate in the TV show “Beste Zangers,” where her voice and performance captured the hearts of the Netherlands. The songs she performed on the show climbed the charts, and the country eagerly anticipated more music. Her debut album, “Hallo Met Mij,” a pop album featuring 14 self-written songs, introduced the singer to the audience. With hits like “Blijf Nog Even Hier” and the title track “Hallo Met Mij,” the album received widespread acclaim and achieved gold status.

Her latest album, titled “Wilde Rozen,” symbolizes the tremendous personal and musical growth she underwent in the past year. Tabitha describes it as her most personal album to date, addressing familiar topics and presenting herself in a vulnerable way.

In December 2023, her largest solo concert to date will take place at AFAS Live.

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Being vulnerable and embracing self-love are central themes in Tabitha’s music, mirroring the principles that guide her life. The admiration from her fans for her authenticity and their inspiration to be truer to themselves drive her passion. With over 500 million Spotify streams, Tabitha stands as one of the most streamed female singers in the Netherlands.