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VLADO, better known as Marcel Kosic(21) is a talent full Deejay/producer from the Netherlands, who is producing in many genres. His specialism is his versatility as a producer that he performs on a very high level. A young, fresh and energetic entrant in the music industry, who is expected to be a established name in the music industry within a few years.

VLADO, born in 1994, already had some musical influences from home. His uncle was a guitarist and his dad was playing accordion. Mother was always listening to music and she all day played songs at home from artists like Marc Anthony and the Dutch folk singer André Hazes. Hereby VLADO was interested in a lot of music genres at very young age. As a young boy, he wanted to make his own music. At the age of 7, VLADO was taking drum courses. His teacher immediately could see that he was talented, because he could play without an instruction sheet while he heard the piece one or two times. Quickly VLADO was playing with kids who were 4 years older than he was.

At the age of 10, VLADO stopped taking drum courses. 3 years later, he downloaded the music production program Fruity Loops after he saw class mates using it to. He started experimenting making his own music and in the begin phase the focus was on Hip-Hop and R&B.

When he finished college, VLADO was pretty sure that he wanted to do something with music. This was his passion, hobby and his motivation and energy. However, VLADO was rejected for the music school and the year after he was rejected again. VLADO was not being content with this. He contacted the school principal to tell him that this THE education for him, and that he was able to take extra courses to prove his talent. Finally, after being brave he was accepted to the music school, the Albeda College in Rotterdam.

When VLADO his musical vision was deployed, he came in contact with the deejay life. VLADO was inspired by big names as Stargate, Diplo and Timbaland. He started producing eclectic music. ‘’The idea that people are going nuts on my own music is giving me goosebumps’’, says VLADO.

During his second year of the music school, VLADO came in contact with Ibranovski. Ibranovski introduced VLADO to his management: the multi platina winning management agency ‘Boss Business Group’, who leaded the duo Blasterjaxx to the number 13 of the DJ Mag top 100 best deejays in the world. They attracted to VLADO his music and after that, they offered him a management contract. Within 6 months, VLADO achieved his first milestone in his music career together with Boss Business Group. They received a platinum award with VLADO his co-production on the Dutch song: ‘Round & Round’ together with Dyna and Lil Kleine. VLADO is keeping up the hard work, so he can show the world what he stands for: Hard work, focus and faith. Just watch carefully, VLADO is coming through people!